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Property matters, Documentation and Court Cases

Nabi Buksh Law Concern provides comprehensive legal services related to property matters and court cases, which may include all documentations related to sales and purchases, transfer of ownership through power of attorneyes or through inheritance, morgages and exchanges, rent deeds, agreements of all kinds, our services related to property which may denotes to immovable property or fixed property as land all kinds are mentioned below::-

We as Nabi Buksh Law Concern usually deal in following Property matters, Documentation and Court Cases

1-Registration of Sale Deed before sub-Registrar

2-Inheritance transfer and share division of property.

3-Declaration of Title & other documents.

4-Sale and Purchase of the Property agreements/Deeds

5-Registration of Agreement to Sell.

6-Specific performances of lawful agreements.

7-Suit for Possession and Manse Profits.

8-Injunction/Status-co of property.

9-Possession and Declaration of the Title of the Property.

10-Wills and probate declarations.

11-Registration of rent Deed before Rent-Registrar

12-Property Tax

13-Enhancement of the Rent.

14-Miscellaneous Rent cases.

15-Mutation of property.

16-Housing society Transfer/mutations.

17-Power of Attorney related to Property

18-Sale Deed/Conveyance Deeds.

19-Power of Attorney related to Property from other cities

20-Power of Attorney related to Property abroad (out of Pakistan)

21-Illegal Dispossession.

22-Tenancy Agreement

23-Eviction of the Tenants..

24-Restoration of amenity facility of the Tenant..

25-Lease and sub-Lease of the property

26-Surrender, Transfer and Relinquishment Deedrar

27-Partition suit.

28-Writ Petition in High Court

It is very important to know that moveable propties and intellectual properties are different from imoveable property.

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