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Nabi Buksh Law Concern provides comprehensive legal services in the civil court cases and matters which are relating to the individuals and companies. Court cases that involve disputes between people or businesses over money or some injury to personal rights are called civil cases. A civil case usually begins when one person or business (called the plaintiff) claims to have been harmed by the actions of another person or business (called the Defendant), court is duty bound to compensate the party one against the other party, if claim is proved to be true after trying the case, We as Nabi Buksh Law Concern usually deal with the following Civil Court Cases


1- Correction of the Name and Date of Birth


2- Permanent/Temporary/Perpetual Injunctions.


3- Declaration of Title & other documents.


4- Restoration of amenity facility of the Tenant.


5- Succession and Letter of Administration.


6- Specific performances of lawful agreements.


7- Suit for Possession and Manse Profits.


8- Recovery of Money and Damages.


9- Cancellation of any Document.


10- Wills and probate declarations.


11- Restoration of the service/job.


12-All kinds of Writ petitions.


13- Enhancement of the Rent.


14- Miscellaneous Rent cases.


15- Eviction of the Tenants.


16- Constitution Petitions.


17- Appeals and Revisions.


18- Administration suits.


19- Defamations Suits.


20- Partition suit.


21- Writ Petition in High Court

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Question 1: Who is best Civil court Lawyer in Faisalabad?
Answer 1: Best Lawyer in Faisalabad regarding civil court Cases proved to be Malik Jamshaid Qamar 03004218121, He provides free legal advice even on whatsapp, he has a habbit professionally to tell the true picture of the case with possible options and put full efforts for the legal relief, he considers every hearing important and get the outcome from every time appearing in the court, he is worth in the legal profession in the city of  Faisalabad.
Question 2:Best Lawyer in Faisalabad?
Answer 2:   A lots of Law practitioners are practicing the Law in Faisalabad but Nabi Buksh Law Concern proved to best Law firm in Faisalabad due to their truthful, skillful and professional approach with positive experience in almost all fields of Law here in Faisalabad.
Question 3: Court Fee in Civil court Cases Pakistan?
Answer 3: Court fee is fixed according to court fee act 1870 in all over Pakistan, which is 7.5% for the cases of capital gain, which could be maximum 15,000/ Pakistani rupees and not more than this, for example court fee for the case of recovery of 100000 is fixed 7500 rupees, it would be 15,000/- rupees for the case of 200,000/- rupees recovery and court fees fixed maximum 15000/- rupees, minimum civil case of 25,000/- is required court fee @ 7.5%  which would be 1875, a case less than 25000 value is exempted from the court fees.
Question 4: Free legal advice in Civil Court Cases?
Answer 4:   Yes, Nabi Buksh Law Concern offers free online legal advice in corporate cases in Faisalabad, free Whatsapp 03004218121 legal advice available.    
Question 5: Best lawyer in Corporate Cases in Faisalabad? 
Answer 5: Even every person has right to to sue and person and any firm as legal person to sue and to be sued alternatively, best lawyer NBLC in corporate cases here in Faisalabad +923004218121.
Question 6: Best Corporate in Faisalabad?
Answer 6: Many Corporate Lawyers are available practicing as Corporate Lawyers but Nabi Buksh Law Concern proved to be best in the town, regarding matters and court cases of Corporate and company law sector.  +92-300-421-8121.
Question 7: Who is Best Corporate lawyers in Faisalabad?
Answer 7: It is very special field of civil law practice, Nabi Buksh Law Concern is glad to have many experienced law practitioners in Faisalabad, so Malik Jamshaid Qamar LLM, advocate High Court proved to be best corporate lawyer in Faisalabad due to bundle of reasons around, reviews by the clients of Nabi Buksh Law Concern revealed the reality that truthful approach of Lawyers in Nabi Buksh Law Concern is really impressing, So NBLC proved to be Best Corporate lawyers in Faisalabad and Malik Jamshaid Qamar is best corporate lawyer in Faisalabad.
Question 8: Procedure Civil Court Cases?
Answer 8: A civil court case required to prepared according to its nature, legal notice may be required in some cases, certain documents are required to file the civil court cases, free legal advice +92-300-4218121.
In civil cases preparation of documents and Legal Notices may be required, we file the civil court cases according to the procedure and law here in Faisalabad not immidiatelty in some cases, so be careful and provide complete documentation for filing of cases and free legal advice through whatsapp,